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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 24 July - 3 September 2012

    SUMMER EDITION 2012 News about the local weather forecast Timely tips about passenger rights A great weekend destination that is on your doorstep Preparing for Museum Night in The Hague and A line up of English theatre productions for the summer months Our reporters have been Getting advice about […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 17-23 July 2012

    Proposed legislation aims to increase the legal age limit for alcohol consumption in the Netherlands from 16 to 18 Holiday activities increase your chances of injuring yourself We look at the rights of patients admitted to local hospitals and It s been a great season for sports fans We can now […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 10-17 July 2012

    The International Criminal Court in The Hague hopes to gain global support for international justice within the next decade We have the latest fashion trends from the Amsterdam Fashion Week Good news about marine life on the Doggerbank off the Dutch coast and News about a canal swim to raise funds […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 3-9 July 2012

    Radio Netherlands long a reliable source of Dutch news in English changes its focus The International Criminal Court celebrates its 10th anniversary in a memorable way and Football Fever makes way for Wimbledon the Tour de France and the Olympics Our reporters have been Visiting the Peace Palace […]

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