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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 12 April 2016

    01 44 DutchbuzZ makes its annual visit to our neighbouring tulip fields 05 58 Earth Day reminds us to look after the planet with a series of green activities 29 30 A local city guide tells us that we can be passionate about The Hague 09 35 A feast of Shakespeare productions to celebrate his 400th […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 5 April 2016

    01 44 DutchbuzZ visits the Cuban Ambassador to talk about diplomatic ties with the US and the West 18 10 The city s International Institute for Social Sciences is a mini United Nations 06 20 A revolutionary rooftop farm grows fresh food in the heart of The Hague 11 42 Hook line and sinker Dutchbuzz […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 29 March 2016

    In this week s programme Don t live in fear King Willem Alexander tells stallholders at the Haagse Markt Landmark rulings from The Hague s International courts and tribunals DutchbuzZ hears about innovative plans for Scheveningen Harbour The finish of the world s top yacht race will be held off our […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 22 March 2016

    DutchbuzZ speaks to family and friends of The Hague s Belgian Community The Hague profiles itself as one of the most connected cities in Europe A new award for the city s handicapped sports stars honours a very special triathlete and news about cultural and entertainment events in The Hague

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 15 March 2016

    01 28 The tiny Marshall Islands take on the nuclear powers of the world at the International Court of Justice in The Hague 05 42 The Hague residents offer their ideas and suggestions for a more sustainable city 19 32 A number of beach caf s open their doors as the sun makes a comeback to our shores […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 8 March 2016

    14 01 Human smugglers will need new jobs says Prime Minister Rutte in the wake of the news of a possible EU refugee deal with Turkey 14 41 DutchbuzZ speaks to an expert about the difference between migrant smugglers and human traffickers 06 19 It s Fast Forward for gender parity as women celebrate […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 1 March 2016

    01 32 The city campaigns to get everyone practising some kind of sport by 2030 07 25 DutchbuzZ looks at this year s CPC run and what it holds for runners and spectators 13 14 We attend the unveiling of a statue of city icon Haagse Harry 24 33 A proposal for an eco bridge to join two parks in The […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 23 February 2016

    03 50 Europol launches the European Migrant Smuggling Centre in The Hague 02 00 Two of the city s popular sports shops have been declared bankrupt 02 20 Plans for the controversial International Park in The Hague have been shelved 10 47 A local chemist produces medicinal cannabis oil 18 21 An […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 16 February 2016

    00 00 The Hague is ranked Europe s top mid sized city when it comes to connectivity 03 00 Chinese internationals say the Chinese New Year celebrations in The Hague make them feel at home 12 00 The latest on exciting new art exhibitions 16 00 News about a local teen food blogger who is bringing out […]

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    DutchbuzZ Podcast: 10 February 2016

    01 31 DutchbuzZ attends the Welkom Hier manifestation for refugees in The Hague We look at initiatives for finding bicycles for refuges and learning Dutch 05 02 A record year for foreign investment in The Hague last year DutchbuzZ speaks to the West Holland Foreign Investment Association about this […]

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