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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 1 October 2019

    In our news story of the week:

    Road traffic and public transport ground to halt in the city centre and other parts of The Hague today to make way for thousands of protesting farmers and their tractors. The tractor convoys also caused the worst traffic jams on record on the country’s national roads. The farmers are protesting against a call for livestock reduction by the liberal D66 party and the increasingly stringent sustainability measures. The protest follows a gathering of 25-thousand climate activists and sympathizers who called on the government to accelerate their measures to stop climate change last week. DutchbuzZ took to the Malieveld to speak to protesting farmers and locals…

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DHFM DutchbuzZ STUDIO IS CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS - We will, however, bring you local news from our contributors in the field until we can get back into the studio!

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