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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 6 May 2020

    WEDNESDAY – 6 May: REGIONAL NEWS UPDATES relating to the coronavirus in The Hague and surroundings (source: regional broadcaster Omroep West)

    • Cabinet to discuss further relaxation of corona measures today
    • Fewer job vacancies due to corona
    • Dutch company reportedly sold 1.5 million unreliable corona tests
    • Passengers need to feel welcome back on public transport once measures are relaxed

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    Dutch cabinet ministers meet today to discuss the possible relaxation of certain corona measures. Omroep West reports that they may discuss the reopening of hairdressing salons and physiotherapy practices. The cabinet has asked for advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) of experts who met on Monday. Ministers are also expected to discuss the possibility of opening outside restaurant terraces during today’s meeting.


    Since the so-called intelligent lockdown from mid-March, the number of job vacancies in the Netherlands has dropped by 25%. There are, however, signs that this trend has recovered a little in the last two weeks. These employment figures were released by the Intelligence Group and Jobdigger.


    The biotechnology company and medical products trader, Inzek, has sold 1.5 million corona tests since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the Dutch newspaper Trouw reports. Research undertaken by Investico and OCCRP for this newspaper show that although this company claims the tests were ‘very accurate’, two independent studies now reveal that there is a great chance that this is may not be accurate.


    Since the corona lockdown measures, only essential workers were encouraged to use the train, but daily commuters will need to feel welcome again on public transport once the measures are relaxed, says passengers’ association Rover. Rover’s Director, Freek Bos says many passengers may feel a sense of ‘travel shame’ when boarding public transport as only essential workers were encouraged to use trains, trams and buses since the corona outbreak. To give passengers a sense of safety, the public transport sector needs to deploy longer trains and extra buses to meet the demand, says Bos.


    Staff performing tasks such as domestic work, care, recreation and meal preparation for people at home may be eligible for personal protective gear, so says the Minister of Medical Care, Martin van Rijn. Should someone with Covid-19 or suspected infection need care, the care worker is eligible for a face mask, isolation clothing, eye protection and gloves.


    One in three theatres in the Netherlands is facing bankruptcy, and concert organizers that have missed out on revenue since 12 March may not see it through to this summer, says the Association of Theatres and Concert Venues (VSCD) that represents 127 theatres and concert platforms in the Netherlands. The organisation says it needs an extra 55 million euro in subsidies to survive.

    These news updates are brought to you by, in cooperation with The Hague’s official broadcaster, Omroep West.


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