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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 24 March 2020

    24 MARCH: Regional news updates related to the coronavirus outbreak for The Hague and surroundings

    (Source: Regional broadcaster – Omroep West)

    No lockdown, but further measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus were announced by the Dutch Government last night. These and other news updates in the headlines below…

    • In a televised broadcast to the nation, the Government last night announced further measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. All gatherings and events have been cancelled until 1 June; hairdressers, barbers and beauty parlours are shut until 6 April; stay at home unless you have to go to work, do groceries, care for someone or need to get a breath of fresh air, and maintain the 1.5m distance; do not allow more than 3 visitors in your home; stay at home if you have a fever and ensure that this applies to the whole household.
    • Mayors in the Netherlands have been granted emergency rights to control events in their own regions. Following an emergency ordinance, they have also been given the right to fine people.
    • A final decision on end of year school exams will be taken later today, according to the Ministry of Education.
    • A The Hague advertising agency has designed special posters so that people can show their appreciation for the dedication shown by hospital and emergency services staff. You will soon see these posters on windows in the city. Check:
    • The Hague’s City Council today launched a website for families who have questions about children playing outdoors, home schooling and other parenting issues related to the coronavirus. Check:

    In cooperation with the regional broadcaster, Omroep West, provides a daily summary of the day’s most important news by 13.00 each day.

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