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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 17 March 2020


    Staying in touch with what’s happening in The Hague and surrounding areas

    The outbreak of the coronavirus has brought public life close to a standstill. Thousands of cafés, sport clubs, schools and other public and social amenities have been closed until at least 6 April and millions of people are sitting at home.

    Here is a summary of the local news headlines for Tuesday, 17 March:

    • The King’s Commissioner Jaap Smit has asked the residents of Zuid-Holland to ‘keep and eye on and look after each other’
    • The Prime Minister’s address to the nation has been positively received by the Lower House of Parliament. Many MPs have called his speech ‘impressive’. The televised address was viewed by 7 million people.
    • The coronavirus death toll in the Netherlands rise from 24 on Monday to 43 today.
    • The citizen action ‘applausvoordezorg’ is set for 20.00 this evening (Tuesday). People will applaud the thousands who work in the medical, social welfare, and emergency services for their dedication as the work pressure in these sectors mounts in the face of the coronavirus.
    • Senior citizen organization KBO-PCOB has established a dedicated telephone line for the elderly who have questions regarding the coronavirus: 030-3400600.
    • The Dutch ornamental flower industry threatens to collapse. Royal FloraHolland which describes the situation as ‘dramatic’ has warned that many companies may face bankruptcy. Exports have almost come to a standstill.

    In cooperation with the regional broadcaster, Omroep West, will provide a daily summary of the day’s most important news by 13.00 each day.

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