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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 8-21 January 2013

    This podcast temporarily is not available.


    A special edition recorded on location at Humanity House in The Hague

    In this special programme:

    • We visit Humanity House, set up our mobile studio and speak to guests from several humanitarian, animal welfare and environmental organisations based in city
    • Asylum seekers are evicted from the Koekamp park in The Hague, What happens to them now?
    • How is international justice shaping up in The Hague? We examine the performances of the ICC and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia over the past year
    • Ivory poaching soared this year. We speak to IFAW about this alarming trend
    • We look at the roles of the internet and storytelling as channels for promoting human rights issues; and
    • Focus on an environmental body that keeps a sharp eye on the green areas in the city

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