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On Location

    On special occasions, DutchbuzZ records its weekly programme at a different location in The Hague. The location is determined by the value of its role in the lives of the international community in this city of ours. It can vary from the City Hall, a theatre, museum, gallery, park, beach or business venue, sports field, popular café or clubhouse.

    If you are holding a fair, celebration, launch or promotion and would like us to be there with our mobile studio, let us know!

    DutchbuzZ On Location at Humanity House

    (Broadcast on Den Haag FM 92.0 on December 18, 2012, and available as a podcast (see our archive)

    The DutchbuzZ Team in action

    For our special end of year programme, DutchbuzZ invited special people from the city's NGOs and charities who have devoted their time, energy  and skills towards making both The Hague and the developing world a better place to live in. They included Humanity House, the International Institute of Social Studies, Hivos, Global Human Rights Defence, IFAW, AVN, and specialists on international Peace and Justice.

    In this special programme at Humanity House:

    • We visit Humanity House, set up our mobile studio and speak to guests from several humanitarian, animal welfare and environmental organisations based in city
    • Asylum seekers are evicted from the Koekamp park in The Hague, What happens to them now?
    • How is international justice shaping up in The Hague? We examine the performances of the ICC and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia over the past year
    • Ivory poaching soared this year. We speak to IFAW about this alarming trend
    • We look at the roles of the internet and storytelling as channels for promoting human rights issues; and
    • An environmental body that keeps a sharp eye on the green areas in the city


    DutchbuzZ On Location at The International Community Fair in The Hague

    (Broadcast on Den Haag FM 92.0 on September 18, 2012, and available as a podcast (see our archive)

    The DutchbuzZ Team in action

    The International Community Fair in The Hague, held annually at the City Hall, is one of the biggest events that focuses on the international community in this city. Once a year, the Atrium is host to local businesses that deal with this sector of the community, from removal companies to beauticians; sports clubs, caterers and restaurants, service suppliers, social clubs and entertainers. It's a feast for everyone and informative too! DutchbuzZ was there to record the events on that day.

    In this special programme at the International Community Fair:

    • We focus on the International community in The Hague and tell you how to make the best of working and living in this multi-cultural city
    • We find out how the city's large community of foreign students is settling down for the academic year
    • We speak about the growing number of visitors using The Hague Airport; and
    • Find out what's on offer for sports enthusiast in the coming months
    • Our reporters have been:
    • Speaking to musicians at the fair
    • Looking at what's on offer on the arts scene in the city, and
    • Finding out whether the local football club, Ado Den Haag, needs some fans from the international community


    DutchbuzZ On Location at Madurodam

    (broadcast on Den Haag FM 92.0 on April 24, 2012, and available as a podcast (see our archive)

    The DutchbuzZ Team at Madurodam

    After its tulips, windmills, canals and old masters, Madurodam is probably the most visited tourist attraction in the Netherlands. The park has been revamped and recently opened its doors to the public. DutchbuzZ was there to talk about the changes and to focus its radio programme on the youth in The Hague.

    In this special programme at Madurodam:

    • Queen Beatrix officially opens The Hague’s miniature city, Madurodam. Yes, it’s part of her kingdom too!
    • A young international in The Hague gives us her first impressions of Madurodam.
    • We ask an expert the question: Does the recreational attraction have an educational value?
    • We find out what is being done to cater for international autistic children in The Hague, and
    • Residents in the city are asked to come up with original ideas that could make the city the cultural centre of Europe in 2018.

    Our reporters have been:

    • Speaking to an adventurous local cycling duo about their 18-thousand kilometre journey through Africa to raise awareness for the plight of refugee children in Darfur, Sudan.
    • Interviewing the author of a whacky children’s book, and
    • Talking to a fashion guru about fashion trends for children in the Netherlands.


    DutchbuzZ On Location at Cafe Quirky

    (broadcast on Den Haag FM 92.0 on February 21, 2012, and available as a podcast (see our archive)

    Dutchbuzz Editor, Lily-Anne Stroobach, 'interviewing' Cafe Quirky owner, Christine Defontaine Dutchbuzz Editor, Lily-Anne Stroobach, 'interviewing' Cafe Quirky owner, Christine Defontaine


    The DutchbuzZ Team on location

    We kicked off our series of mobile recordings at a popular expat venue, Café Quirky in the Zeeheldenkwartier near the city centre. Its owner, Christine Defontaine, offered DutchbuzZ a cosy corner in this café to which to invite some special guests to interview for their weekly programme on Den Haag FM.  On Sunday, February the 19th,  the DutchbuzZ team set up its mobile studio at Quirky’s (see We interviewed quirky people on quirky subjects. They included local artists, writers, fashion, food and wine experts and friendly locals!


    DutchbuzZ On Location at The Expatica Fair in Amsterdam

    (Broadcast on Den Haag FM on October 25, 2011, and available as a podcast (see our archive)

    Thousands of internationals living in the Netherlands attended the fair which was held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam

    In this special programme:

    • The Expatica Fair draws more than 500- internationals living in the Netherlands
    • Is the Global crisis tightening its hold?
    • Enterprising women in The Hague are showcased in a new publication
    • Tips about ‘How to be Orange’ from local comedian, Greg Shapiro
    • Our reporters at the fair have been:
    • Finding out how to learn Dutch with ease; looking at local wedding trends; talking to a buzzing storyteller and sipping Dutch ‘jenever’


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