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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 3 June 2020


    (source: regional broadcaster Omroep West and Dutchbuzz)

    - Public Health Minister opens corona testing location in Nootdorp – The Cabinet’s Corona Crisis Team reviews corona measures today – Only modest immunity level in the Netherlands – Schools need more clarity about corona measures - Peaceful BlackLivesMatter protest in The Hague

    These and other local news updates in the summary below!


    Public Health Minister, Hugo de Jonge, will officially open an outdoor corona testing centre in Nootdorp today. As of Monday this week, anyone with signs of the coronavirus can apply for the test. The facility has been inundated with more than 600 requests since Monday and a special helpline has been set up. If you have signs of the coronavirus, you can make an appointment for the test by phoning 0800-1202.

    The former location at the Vander Valk Hotel parking garage in the Gildeweg has been exchanged for a bigger facility at the outdoor parking facility. ‘Now that the hotel has reopened, the outdoor facility offers more space for our tents,’ says the Director of GGD Haaglanden, Annette de Boer.


    About 5,5% of Dutch blood donors have built up antibodies against the coronavirus. That is a modest growth with respect to the 3% reported in April. At this rate, it will take the Netherlands two years to reach a level of group immunity, the AD newspaper reports.


    Secondary education schools say they need more clarity from the Cabinet about the opening of schools after the summer holidays. At present schools need to maintain the 1.5m safety distance, but it is not clear if this rule will need to be maintained after the holidays. ‘We need to know what we can expect so that we can make long-term plans for the pest possible education under the circumstances,’ said Paul Rosenmoller of the VO Board. ‘We need to have more clarity by the first of July so we can start the school year well.’

    The Cabinet’s Corona Crisis Team meets today to decide whether primary schools will open fully next week


    The demonstration against racism and police brutality organised to show solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement in the US, following the death of African American, George Floyd, was held peacefully at the Malieveld in The Hague yesterday. The aim of the protest was to draw attention to white privilege and to highlight institutional racism.

    A similar protest held on Monday in Amsterdam was heavily criticised when protesters failed to uphold the 1.5 metre corona safety distance. In contrast, Tuesday’s protesters in the Hague almost all wore face masks and kept their distance from each other.

    Protesters chanted slogans, such as Black Lives Matter, No Justice No Peace and I can’t breathe. The latter refers to the words of George Floyd while a policeman knelt on his neck. No more blackface was also called out, in reference to the Dutch annual St Nicolas celebrations which feature people in blackface.

    At the start and end of the protest, invited speakers asked the protesters to kneel on one leg, echoing the rebellious act of American athlete Colin Kaepernick, which has come to symbolise the protest against racism in the US.

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