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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 26 March 2020

    DUTCHBUZZ: 26 March

    Regional updates related to the coronavirus -  The Hague and surroundings(Source: Regional broadcaster – Omroep West)

    Further Parliamentary debates on the government’s measures concerning the corona crisis get underway in The Hague. Today's headlines below:

    • The House of Representatives will discuss the current measures to contain the corona virus and related issues in The Hague today. The Minister of Economic Affairs, Erik Wiebes says the Netherlands can expect ‘tough times’ in the wake of the corona crisis that will cause a decline in the economy and a rise in unemployment. He said the Cabinet would continue to look for ways to keep businesses going.
    • King Willem-Alexander today visited the contact centre at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. He spoke to staff who have been assisting Dutch nationals stranded abroad. There are still 15 000 Dutch nationals trying to return to the Netherlands.
    • The research being carried out by the RIVM to establish to what extent children pass on the corona virus, is expected to make its conclusions by 1 May. The research is being undertaken to establish whether schools will open after 6 April.
    • More than 20 000 care workers will be joining staff at hospitals, care and emergency services. Last week this total stood at 7000. Most of the former care professionals are pensioners.
    • Nobody will, in principle, be evicted from their home during the corona crisis. This agreement with landlords has been reached by the Minister for Housing, Stientje van Veldhoven. Exceptions will only be made in the case of criminal activities or public nuisance.
    • The Salvation Army has started a campaign to focus attention on the plight of the homeless in these difficult times. There are some 40 000 homeless people in the Netherlands and the Salvation Army facilities are full.
    • The Westland Municipality has closed all the parking facilities along its beaches to discourage beach visitors. The beaches remain open, but the mayor has the authority to close them if they get too crowded. Yesterday, The Hague’s city market was closed when the crowds got too big.

    In cooperation with the regional broadcaster, Omroep West, provides a daily summary of the day’s most important news by 13.00 each day.

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