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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 19 March 2020


    DUTCHBUZZ: Staying in touch with what’s happening in The Hague and surrounding areas.

    Here is a summary of the local news headlines for Thursday, 19 March:

    ·   No lockdown expected at this stage. This decision follows a convincing debate by the Dutch cabinet on containment measures yesterday. According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, more rigorous measures will only come into force if the number of people infected and the death toll suddenly rise.

    ·   Seven thousand former care workers in the Netherlands have offered their services to help during the coronavirus crisis. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Public Health. Most of the careworkers are pensioners.

    ·   The last commercial flight from Rotterdam The Hague Airport is expected to take off on Monday. Air traffic at this airport has more than halved since the coronavirus outbreak.

    ·   The first prisoner has been infected by the coronavirus in The Hague. The prison closed its doors to visitors last Friday to limit contact with the outside world.

    ·   Nursing homes for the elderly in The Hague are likely to close their doors to visitors. This will be done to protect vulnerable seniors against potential coronavirus infection. This decision will be taken by the Crisis Control ministerial commission later today.

    ·   There will be no ‘physical’ lectures at the University of Leiden till the end of the academic year (September). All exams will be conducted online, the university announced today.

    ·   The demand for jigsaw puzzles has gone through the roof. Manufacturers say sales are 5 times that of the previous year. The greatest demand is for 500 and 1000 piece puzzles.

    ·   Wholesale suppliers Makro and Sligro will temporarily open their doors to consumers as of today.



    In cooperation with the regional broadcaster, Omroep West, will provide a daily summary of the day’s most important news by 13.00 each day.


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