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DutchbuzZ Podcast: 16 March 2020

    Prime Minister Rutte: Corona virus is a rollercoaster that is gaining momentum

    In his address to the nation today, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said there would be no simple or speedy solution out of the extremely difficult situation. ‘Many people will be infected with the Corona virus in the coming time.’

    Build up group immunity

    Prime Minister Rutte said building up a so-called ‘group immunity’ was important to contain the virus. This could take months rather than weeks. During this time, vulnerable people would need protection and this was a priority. ‘We hope to reduce the risk for the elderly and people with poor health.’

    He compared the present situation in the Netherlands to a rollercoaster that was gaining momentum. ‘The measures that we have had to take are unprecedented in times of peace.’

    Rutte emphasized that all decisions taken by the government were led by experts in the field.

    ‘These are going to be hard times, but we are not going to fail you,’ he assured.

    He said the government hoped to manage the virus so that the peak could be controlled and levelled out over a period of time. It was necessary to build up group immunity so that hospitals and emergency services were not inundated all at once.

    On the economic front, Rutte said everything was being done to ensure that companies did not collapse and people did not lose their jobs.

    Community interests need to be put above own interests

    He concluded by calling on the nation to work together. ‘We need to do this with all 17 million of us. Look after each other. I’m counting on you.’


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