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Faces behind the Voices

    The DutchbuzZ team of internationals and local contributors includes presenters, producers, journalists, writers, critics and sound technicians from at least 4 continents. Most of them view The Hague as their home and share a passion for radio.


    Lily-Anne Stroobach

    DutchbuzZ founder, editor, producer and presenter

    My role is to gather local news, recruit and train local contributors and, in general, ensure that DutchbuzZ represents the …
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    Julie Kennedy


    Women in Business, Purpose and Passion, Social Scene, Top Tip of the week. BuzZing is what I am all about! My passion is connecting with interesting people and places, my …
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    Laura Parry-Davies

    Co-presenter, Co-producer, Current Affairs Contributor and Sound-Desk Technician

    I am passionate about the news and current affairs and I love meeting new people and engaging in issues …
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    Wendy Fossen

    Co-presenter and Art historian

    My involvement with DutchbuzZ started some years ago when I was approached by Lily-Anne to talk about what the mega art theft at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam …
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    Other team Members

    Ingrid Schippers

    Energy and Wellness contributor

    I deliver a weekly item on DutchbuzZ, based on my ‘Life As I Know It’ blog and derived from my Energy practice. I hope they make you …
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    Marcel van Baalen

    Wine lover & correspondent

    I am a passionate wine lover and have been working in the wine industry for more than 25 years now. I am a dedicated taster and love to talk about it …
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    Roger Thurman

    THE voice of DutchbuzZ!

    Roger is well entrenched in The Hague where he owned a translation/copywriting agency for many years. He is now retired and lends DutchbuzZ his wonderful voice …
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